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memories have to be set apart

There's a reason why we remember the BIG events; vacations, graduations, and parties are core moments on out timelines. When you decide to have your day captured, it's important that a storyteller crafts a film that retells the day as it was- with the real laughs, happy tears, and moments you don't see with your own eyes. We aren't in the business of movie directing, we are experts in our own craft- preserving the memories of your day to show great-grandkids on your 50th anniversary. 

about Mike

I've been filming ever since my dad gave me his old camcorder when I was in middle school. I made music videos in high school, honed my skills and made passion projects in college, and began making wedding films in 2017. I LOVE to learn (I get that from my mom). I probably spent more time at the University of Missouri on Wikipedia than actually paying attention in class. I am always looking to connect- I'm the kind of guy who will always look to find something we have in common. I'm really future-oriented. I like to make big, realistic plans, but I'm also really nostalgic. I love bringing out potential, which was my favorite part about my 3 years I spent teaching High School English. If I were to boil it down, I would describe myself as a golden-retriever mixed with a nerdy summer camp counselor. 


Featured Trailers

I like to keep things classic and timeless. Your film is something I want you to be able to watch for decades- not cringe at in 5 years. To accomplish this, it takes lots of gear, technical settings, and craftsmanship to not just capture, but retell the day as beautifully and authentically as possible. Accomplishing one without the other is easy. Doing both is a challenge I love. For most packages, we include wedding film trailers- little one-minute teasers for the upcoming film. This is where I get to experiment and hype up your day! I love to incorporate high energy songs or music I wouldn't normally use in a typical film. Check out our work and see for yourself!

Our Vibe

Some favorite films

Featured Wedding Films

Featured Wedding Films

Blackstone Rivers Ranch Wedding // Idaho Springs CO

Taylor and Shelby // The Atrium Columbia, MO

The Barn at Riverbend Wedding Film Trailer // Peculiar MO

Star Wars Themed Wedding // Saguaro Buttes, Tucson AZ

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