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From your life-documenting team, Mike & Mols. We're your cheerleaders, hype people, and memory-capturing experts. We're here to join you for all your happy tears and belly laughs. We don't just capture those authentic and priceless memories; we cherish them with you and yours. Here's a few of our recent mems :)

Molly is a Texan through and through

Mike's favorite genres are Pop-Punk and Emo

Mike grew up outside of Chicago

Mike taught High School for 3 years

We love Jesus and love the many different forms that love embodies.

We have two sweet little cats named Milo and Phoebe

Molly loves the color Yellow 

Molly has an insane sweet tooth 

Our Why 

Life is short and there are certain things that deserve special care in their documentation. One of those once-in-a-lifetime memories is your wedding. We love using our skills to tell stories that will be shared with generations to come. Your wedding isn’t just a party with loved ones, but a new beginning. You are literally joining your lives together and creating a family! There are stories to laugh about with friends and then there are stories you’ll pass onto your Grandchildren. We live for capturing those irreplaceable memories. We love living through and beautifully capturing our couples’ love stories. Beyond the art we make, we truly want to know the stories behind the moments we capture, and our goal always, if you’re down, is for clients to become friends :)

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